Slurry tanker

Slurry tanker REXAGER HV24

Rexager HV series slurry tankers have been developed for demanding users.

The slurry tankers are characterized by simple construction, durability and reliability. A recessed tank with baffle plates inside increases tanker's stability. Hydraulic suspension of the chassis and drawbar ensure safe and comfortable driving in all conditions. A number of modern solutions are simplicity of use and maintenance. Modern functions and solutions introduced with the future in mind, e.g. dose control system.

A long list of optional equipment allows you to configure your own slurry tanker for specific needs with the option of retrofitting. swiss replica watches

One of the suspension's functionalities is the possibility of lifting the front axle and, if necessary, the rear axle for optimal weight distribution.

In addition, for better manoeuvring, the slurry tankers use an electrohydraulic forced wheel steering system. The applied steering axles allow the wheels to turn up to 15 degrees.

The standard in this type of construction is also a rear three-point linkage system on which dribble bars or injectors can be mounted.



The tank was made of special steel, which allowed to reduce the thickness of the tank wall to 5mm, and thus to reduce the weight of the slurry tanker. The completely welded tank is mounted on two profiles increasing the rigidity and durability of the slurry tanker's construction.

The side recess allowed the use of large diameter wheels and a significant reduction in the centre of gravity, which, in combination with special baffle plates, ensures driving comfort and high stability over the full range of tank filling and loads.


The hydraulically suspended drawbar reduces the vibrations transmitted to the tractor, while increasing the comfort and lifetime of the slurry tanker. The drawbar adjustment function allows to change the tilt of the tank, which, depending on the degree of filling and the function performed, can tilt forward or backward.

The integrated hydraulic jack of the drawbar makes it easy to attach and detach when the tank is parked.

Upper telescopic pump arm

The telescopic pump arm mounted on the tank is controlled from the tractor cabin, and filling the tank with the arm does not require connecting any hoses. The operator does not have to get out of the cabin.

The arm equipped with an additional channel allows the return of excess foam and air to the tank from which the liquid is pumped. This ensures that the tank of the slurry tanker is completely filled.

This solution is perfect for pumping liquids from concrete reservoirs and containers located in the field.

When filling from transport tanks, the pump arm docks onto the cone and pumps the slurry. If the transport tank does not have its own pump, the vacuum system is activated and after flooding the arm rotor pump, it is started and the tanker’s tank is filled.

The DW pump emptying system

The impeller pump driven by the PTO shaft mounted on the front of the tank is characterized by high efficiency. Working with a wide dribble bars, it is possible to obtain a high dose per hectare. The system can be equipped with an automatic dose adjustment. It is also possible to mix the contents in the tank and pump it to other tanks using a side connector.

ADR wheel axles

The wheels are mounted on specially designed, strong ADR axles with an integrated speed sensor as standard. The brakes (420x180 mm are standard) are dimensioned to meet even the most rigorous requirements. The large 15-degree axle steering angle combined with the compact 900 mm wide chassis results in a very manoeuvrable slurry tanker. The wide diameter wheels used improve traction and reduce soil pressure. This reduces plant damage when driving in the field and tyre wear when driving on the road. The new axle steering system consists of a minimum of moving parts, which results in fewer lubrication points and less maintenance.




Control system

The functions of the slurry tanker are controlled by means of a control panel which consists of an LCD display and 16 buttons.

Thanks to intuitive icons, it is a modern solution allowing for easy machine control. The fully customizable control panel can be easily adapted to the requirements of tomorrow.

The computer has saved settings for all offered devices. This allows to adjust the characteristics individually for each device.

After connecting the device, the computer automatically recognizes it and displays the available configuration list. Only available functions are displayed.

During operation, the operating parameters of individual devices are recorded.

This information can later form the basis for invoicing customers. In the event of a failure, the displayed codes enable error location and facilitate servicing and troubleshooting. It also means that the maintenance technician will identify the error faster and can restart the machine.

Lighting, mudguards and quick couplings

All slurry tankers are equipped with lighting based on LEDs, which is characterized by high reliability. Mudguards are an option allowing to avoid splashes from tires on tools. Hydraulic quick couplings have been tilted to increase the ergonomics of use and minimize bending of hydraulic hoses, extending their service life.

Three-point linkage system

The three-point linkage system is mounted at the back of the slurry tanker, made in accordance with KAT 3, and its higher load capacity meets the requirements for larger and heavier devices. The advanced design ensures optimum clearance between the hanged device and the ground both when driving on the road and in the field. For example, it will be easier to get in and out of the field onto the road, even with a large difference in levels without touching the ground with the hanged device.

The lift operation can be controlled from outside the tractor cabin. An additional panel with control buttons is placed outside, on the rear of the mudguard. Three-point linkage ensures changing the height of the hanged device, maintaining a constant height or maintaining a constant pressure.

Tyre pressure regulation

HV slurry tankers can be equipped with an automatic tyre pressure regulation system to allow the driver to choose different pressures, for example when switching from driving in the field to driving on the road.

In addition, the wheels are connected to the automatic tyre pressure regulation system, which allows to further reduce the mentioned pressure on the soil, and which turns into real savings in fuel consumption, and also extends the life of the tyres. The compressor has a capacity of 4000 litres per minute. The pressure can also be adjusted depending on the type of soil and crop. In this way, crop damage and soil compaction are minimized.

Vacuum system – compressor

HV slurry tankers can be equipped, depending on the equipment, with a compressor driven hydraulically or through a PTO shaft. The compressors change the pressure in the tank in the range -0.8 to 0.5 bar. As standard, the system apart from the compressor includes also safety valves, overflow tanks and a silencer with oil recovery. The compressors are hydraulically controlled, depending on the function performed, the controller program controls and changes the system parameters.

Technical scheme


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