Dribble bars

Dribble bars REXAGER DIT12

Dribble bars DIT12 series have a variable working width from 9 to 12m and are equipped with one slurry distributor.

Dane techniczne

Working width

12 m

Transport width

2802 mm

Transport height from the ground

< 4m

Transport length

5900 mm

Number of hoses


Distance between hoses

300 mm

Hoses diameter

38 mm / 50 mm

Slurry distributor

Vogelsang Exa Cut


2000 kg


Precise positioning

The construction is fully galvanized, the central frame with arms hanged oscillating, which ensures precise adaptation of the position to the changing ground and eliminates the deviation of the slurry tanker.

Leakage protection

In the transport position, the arms are placed along the sides of the slurry tanker, whereas the spilling hoses are raised, which prevents leaks when driving on the road.

High level of automation

All hydraulic functions are controlled from the tractor cabin. The driver only needs to activate one button. The slurry distributors are equipped with a separator for collecting foreign bodies. The separator can be equipped with a hydraulic gate valve that allows automation of the cleaning process.

Technical scheme