Disc injector

Disc injector REXAGER AT6

The disc injector AT series is a modern design and high functionality. It has been specially developed for the optimal application of slurry using the disc harrow technique, especially on stubble with a large amount of plant material on the surface.

Dane techniczne


 Working width 6 m

Transport width

2950 mm

Transport height from the ground

< 4m

Transport height

2580 mm

Number of discs

2 x 24

Distance between discs

250 mm

Disc diameter

560 mm

Working depth

30 – 150 mm


3400 kg

Extended machine life

Slurry is applied to the soil, not spread, which minimizes soiling of the elements and problems with the penetration of moisture into bearings and connectors, extending the life of the machine.

Reduced costs

A 560 mm serrated discs work aggressively in soil, even in difficult conditions. The shape of the disc allows to work in large amounts of plant material and the mounted string roller effectively compacts the soil and provides precise depth control in the range of 30 - 150 mm. Because slurry application and soil cultivation are carried out in one operation, this reduces the number of passes and thus the total cost of field operations.

Limited load

All discs are individually mounted on the frame using flexible rubber elements. This ensures a good fit to the contours of the soil and reduces the load on components when driving on stony ground, where the discs can turn when in contact with large stones.

Technical scheme